We are working closely with researchers just like you to identify high-value data and stage these data for direct access from U-BRITE’s Data Portal and Analysis Gateway.

Access is controlled using standard protocols to restrict read-write permissions to authorized U-BRITE users. This facilitates different levels of access, so interested researchers can engage these data flexibly while doing team science and carrying out other research activities.
UAB Limited Access Data
Locally Cached Public Data
How To Access

These data are available on high-performance, parallel storage connected to the Cheaha supercomputer. In particular:

  • Location is $SHARE_PROJECT/ubrite/shared-data with each dataset in its own dedicated subdirectory.
  • Access is restricted to members of the ubrite Unix group.
  • Data permissions are set to read-only to prevent inadvertent modification.
  • SHA256 checksums are available for checking data integrity.

Please contact us if you are interested in access!