U-BRITE Lupus (SLE) Project

Kinomic Toolbox Visual Dashboard

  • Clinical Data

    • PROFILE longitudinal patient data (n=7,148), ESRD patient data (n=1,507)
    • UAB EDW data for study participants that are also UAB patients (n=4,099)
    • OnCore biobanking records on almost all study participants (UAB and extramural)
  • Omics Data

    • GWAS & custom chip (n=~8k), methyl array (n=140/643)
    • Custom gene-specific CNV assay (PROFILE=5,394, ESRD=1300)
    WGS (n=62+15), Targeted-Exome (n=600), RNA-Seq (n=26/91

Recruited patients by genotype & visit time

Availability of different clinical data over time