Learning Resources


Researchers and their teams may be interested in engaging various freely available, online, and in-person training resources that we describe below. These resources are organized by estimated time to help learners with different backgrounds and skills map out a personal training plan.

Less Than 30 Minutes

Browse overview slides (10 minutes)

Interact with our Technology Demo (20 minutes)

Login to DataLENS (15 minutes)

Watch U-BRITE Getting Started — Overview & Tech Demo (12 minutes)

Watch U-BRITE Getting Started: Version Control (10 minutes)

Watch U-BRITE Getting Started: Access Public Data (9 minutes)

2 Hours

Register for i2b2 Training (2 hours)

Follow the i2b2 Query How To (2 hours)

Attend Research Computing’s Monthly HPC Training (1.5 hours)

  • Sign up to hpc-announce mailing list to receive training announcements at https://docs.rc.uab.edu/
  • Past topics have included fundamentals training, like “Git basics and parallel programming scripts”, “Migrating data to/from Cheaha”, and “Virtual environments for Python and Anaconda”.
  • See videos for selected past topics on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZoOS2e699Ge0DND1oy1BJQ.

Learn Cheaha New User Workflows (< 1 Hour)

Learn Version Control Fundamentals (2+ hours)

Learn Jupyter Notebook Fundamentals (2+ hours)