Learning Resources


Researchers and their teams may be interested in engaging various freely available, online, and in-person training resources that we describe below. These resources are organized by estimated time to help learners with different backgrounds and skills map out a personal training plan.

Browse overview slides (10 minutes)

Interact with our Technology Demo (20 minutes)

Login to DataLENS (15 minutes)

Watch U-BRITE Getting Started: Access Public Data (9 minutes)

Watch U-BRITE Getting Started: Version Control (10 minutes)

Register for i2b2 Training (2 hours)

Follow the i2b2 Query How To (2 hours)

Attend Research Computing’s Monthly HPC Training (1.5 hours)

Learn Cheaha New User Workflows (< 1 Hour)

Learn Version Control Fundamentals (2+ hours)

Learn Jupyter Notebook Fundamentals (2+ hours)

Register for our next Hackathon (2 days)

Register for CB2-101: Bioinformatics Computing (2 weeks)

Register for INFO 510: Programming with Biological Data (3 weeks)