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Welcome to U-BRITE (UAB Biomedical Research Information Technology Enhancement)! Our goal is to help researchers manage and analyze clinical and genomic data sets through a “translational research commons” environment and to facilitate interdisciplinary team science. Users can access U-BRITE’s resources and tools through two tracks: self-directed and supported. If you are in need of informatics support to use U-BRITE and its tools, members of the Informatics Institute are available to assist for a fee through the supported track. If you do not need informatics assistance, you may access U-BRITE through the self-directed track.

Self-directed User

The best way to get started as a self-directed user is to explore the website and discover what tools and resources already exist to help you with your research. 

Supported User

Informatics assistance and support is available for users with funding. If you do not currently have funding available for informatics help, we can explore assisting you with writing a grant for funding. 

Please fill out the project request form below. Your submission will be reviewed and an introductory consultation will be scheduled to explore ways U-BRITE can assist with your project. 

U-BRITE Project Request Form